MO 4013

MO4013 MO 4013


Introducing MO 4013, globally acclaimed as the ultimate solution for dry-offset printing on plastic pails.

  • Max. 6 colors
  • Suitable for round containers

Whether you opt for automated or manual feeding, for pails with or without handles, the MO 4013 ensures seamless operation and exceptional results, making it the ideal choice for your printing endeavors.

Featuring an 8-station horizontal turret with solid mandrels, MO 4013 ensures stability and reliability throughout the printing process. Its robust design enhances precision and consistency, guaranteeing flawless prints even in demanding production environments.

Featuring precision-enhancing pre-pail positioning, UV drying technology, and inline connectivity with our MP 8 LAC lacquering machine, MO 4013 offers a comprehensive solution for elevating your printing process.

Thanks to the ergonomic design of MO 4013, operators can effortlessly access the printing units from a raised platform, facilitating easy adjustments and maintenance.

Designed for integration into Industry 4.0 environments, it comes equipped with production management software for streamlined planning and control.



  • max mechanical speed: 40 pieces/minute;
  • min and max container diameter: 100 – 350 mm;
  • min and max container height: 110 – 420 mm;
  • max printing area: 1085 mm;
  • max printing height: 260 mm;
  • max taper: 5°;
  • number of mandrels: 8;
  • number of printing sectors: 1 or 2.



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