BC 18 K

Macchina offset BC 18 K


BC 18K is a special machine designed for base coating of aluminum closures.

  • Capacity in up to 24.000 pieces/hour
  • Available as a standalone solution or in line with MO 2610 offset printer

The BC 18K base-coating machine is tailored specifically for aluminum closures manufacturers. At its core lies a state-of-the-art 3-roller varnishing unit, offering control over coating applications, ensuring flawless finishes every time. Additionally, consider enhancing its capabilities with a pre-treatment station, often employing flame for optimal surface preparation.

To optimize manufacturing processes, it is possible to complement BC 18K with an upstream degreasing oven, mitigating any potential challenges in the coating process.

Customize the setup with our array of layout options, ensuring integration and maximum efficiency.

Designed for seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments, it comes equipped with production management software for streamlined planning and control.



  • Max. mechanical speed 24.000 pieces/hour.
Macchina offset BC 18 K
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