The way we care

With over 2000 printing machines sold globally since 1967, and over half still operational with our valued customers, MOSS has consistently prioritized unparalleled after-sales service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer Care


Our dedicated team of multilingual experts ensures top-tier technical support and streamlined spare parts management. Equipped with advanced software, we swiftly address any after-sales issues, guaranteeing prompt and efficient assistance. Reach out at service@moss.it for unparalleled support.

Remote Diagnostics


For urgent technical matters, our hotline is at your service. Our elite team, backed by our Customer Care division, swiftly resolves technical issues, offers preventive maintenance solutions, and shares printing technique expertise. Plus, all our latest machines feature remote monitoring for rapid issue resolution. And whenever on-site assistance is needed, our skilled service engineers are prepared to deploy promptly.


MOSS offers a variety of courses and technical seminars to enhance printing technology knowledge. Tailored to customers, sessions occur during machine test-runs or are customized. Participants enjoy immersive learning in modern training areas. Plus, expert consultants may lead classes. For more details, contact our Sales team.

Technical Assistance Programs

Explore our comprehensive service packages designed to optimize the performance and reliability of your MOSS machines

Basic Machine Check-Up

Arrange a check-up for your MOSS machine with an expert service engineer.

Premium Field Service

Maximize your MOSS machine’s potential with professional inspections. Elevate performance and reliability by scheduling now with our expert service engineers

Remote Support Plan

Get instant support for your MOSS machine



MOSS has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, excelling not only in supplying high-end printing systems but also in delivering top-tier services to our clientele. Introducing the MOSS SMART ASSISTANT app—a game-changer for monitoring your MOSS 4.0 systems from anywhere. Stay on top of production, receive timely notifications, and manage energy consumption effortlessly.

Reach out to our dedicated Customer Care team for seamless activation and compatibility checks. Empower your printing experience like never before.


Customer Care

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