MO 2012 SPU

Macchina offset MO 2012 SPU


MO 2012 SPU is linear dry-offset machine designed to decorate plastic egg trays.

  • Max. 5 colors
  • UV drying
  • Totally automated denesting and restacking sections

MO 2012 SPU is an all-in-one solution for egg-tray decoration: on top of its 5-color offset printing unit, it may incorporate a special tinting unit specifically tailored for applying lower hinge coatings, allowing for enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal. With an additional printing unit dedicated to background color (Pre-Print) and inside printing, our machine offers unparalleled flexibility and creativity in design.

The machine features denesting and restacking devices for full automation, ensuring precise handling from start to finish.

For added customization, MO 2012 SPU may also include a labeling unit.

Designed for seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments, it comes equipped with production management software for streamlined planning and control.



  • max mechanical speed up to 9.000 pieces/hour.
Macchina offset MO 2012 SPU
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