Stack-to-stack printing line suitable to personalize tin capsules.

The typical configuration of TINCAP consists of:

  • Capsule denester
  • Spray booth, complete with paint overspray exhaust and filtration
  • Intermediate thermic oven
  • MS 1070 servo-powered screen-printer
  • Capsule stacker with stacks collecting table.

MS 1070 screen printer can feature side screen-printing, lacquering units, top screen-printing, top embossing decoration, and hot-foil. All workstations support the quick-swap option for a rapid exchange of accessories.

Dedicated ovens are also available for capsules that require degreasing before decoration.

Screen-print drying through UV-LED lamps – with air or liquid cooling – allows for significant energy savings and the elimination of health hazards from ozone and reduced environmental impact. Traditional UV (Hg) is still available as an alternative to UV-LED systems.

The line is controlled using a PC/PLC with B&R logic and Powerlink ethernet. The large and bright touchscreen, and the intuitive software that equips the control system, guarantee advanced yet operator-friendly management.

Just like all MOSS systems, TINCAP is suitable for 4.0 factory installation and it integrates production management software for planning and production control.



  • Max. productivity: 80 pieces/minute
  • Printing accuracy: ± 0,1 mm;
  • All other data are related to the selected machine configuration.
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