MP 8 – LAC

Macchina per laccatura MP 8 - Lac


MP 8 LAC is an automatic machine for lacquering of round plastic pails.

  • Suitable for round pails
  • Available as standalone machine or in combination with our MO 4013 offset printer

MP 8 LAC is equipped with an 8-station horizontal indexing turret with solid mandrels, used to apply a protective and decorative layer of transparent varnish.

The standalone version of the machine may include a flame pre-treatment unit to enhance surface tension, ensuring optimal adhesion of varnish onto the pails.

Complete with UV drying station, it offers both semi-automatic setups featuring manual feeding through safety light curtains and fully automated systems including a denester for automatic pail loading and automatic end product vertical or horizontal restacking unit.

Designed for seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments, it comes equipped with production management software for streamlined planning and control.



  • maximum mechanical speed: 40 pieces /minute;
  • minimum and maximum diameter of containers: 100 – 350 mm;
  • minimum and maximum height of containers: 110 – 420 mm;
  • maximum conicity: 5°;



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