Unparalleled craftsmanship in printing machines. With a legacy of precision engineering and innovative design, MOSS set industry standards. Elevate your printing experience with MOSS and discover why we lead the way in quality and reliability.


At MOSS, our printing machines are designed to keep pace with today’s dynamic market demands. With cutting-edge technology, we guarantee pinpoint accuracy and unmatched flexibility, perfectly suited for a diverse array of primary packaging needs. Whether it’s for cosmetics, personal care items, makeup, pharmaceuticals, or beverage closures, food or industrial containers, our machines deliver quality and dependability. Explore the range of printing technologies available at MOSS:



Hot stamping



Enhance your printing operations with MOSS. From expert installation to proactive maintenance and guidance on various topics, we’ve got you covered. Empower your team and keep your business running smoothly with our comprehensive services.


At MOSS, our expertise isn’t just in manufacturing printing machines; it’s in understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. With years of industry know-how, we’re not just selling products; we’re offering solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

About us

Established in 1967, MOSS began manufacturing dry-offset and silk-screen printing machines for decorating plastic objects and containers, which also inspired our name: Machine Offset (&) Silk-Screen.


MOSS consistently prioritize attentive after-sales service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our products

MOSS machines offer versatile decoration options, including screen-printing, dry-offset, hot-stamping, flexo, and heat-transfer techniques. From personal care and cosmetic packaging to collapsible tubes, rigid tubes, beverage closures (both plastic and aluminum), and pails, our solutions cover a wide range of applications.



Welcome to the MOSS realm, where our North American branch and Martinenghi Tech in Italy, both proud members of our family, drive forward innovation, shaping tomorrow’s possibilities.

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